Welcome to Rob Carita's Official Music Site!


The Beginning

Born on June 18, 1987 on Long Island, Rob was blessed with a loving family that also embraced music. Inspired by his father who played the guitar, and his mother who enjoyed signing, Rob always perceived music as a way to bring people close together, as well as have to have fun!

The Middle

While in High School, Rob became best friends with another talented signer/songwriter, Matt Cortese. They began jamming to songs on their acoustic guitars and exchanging ideas on their original songs. Then in 2001, Matt and Rob collaborated and performed the song in their High School's Variety Show. This was Rob's first performance in public, and the receptive crowd confirmed the Rob's perception and joy of music.

In 2005, Rob then co-founded the Potsdam college group, Northern Lights, with another amazing singer/songwriter, Paul Tryon. While with Northern Lights, Rob's songwriting really excelled. 

Rob also performed with Confetti Lettuce from 2008-2009.

The Current

Although Rob is not as active and present in the music scene as in his High School and college days, he is still writing, recording, and releasing songs to iTunes. The purpose of Rob's music isn't to gain fame and fortune, but to bring people together (and also to have fun).


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